Aloe, Rose Hip & Lavender

Aloe, Rose Hip & Lavender


Made from organic aloe vera, organic olive oil, the organic essential oil of lavender and rose hip seed oil.

Organic soap is free of harsh chemicals such as sodium laurel sulfate, artificial colours, parabens,  hormones and detergents. It is Ph balanced, gentle on your skin and is colour and fragrance free.

A little chemistry lesson – organic soap is made from a process called saponification-mixing organic oils and organic essential oils with lye. Lye is a mixture of water and sodium hydroxide (NaOH). When the lye is slowly mixed with the organic oils a chemical reaction occurs where the sodium (Na) joins up with part of the oil molecule to form a sodium soap. The remaining hydroxide joins with the oil molecule to form glycerin, an emollient that helps skin to remain soft and hydrated. The oils and the lye are mixed when both reach a certain temperature. The mixture is constantly stirred until it gets thick (also known as “tracing”). The times will vary for tracing depending on the oils used. Once tracing occurs, essential oils, herbs and natural coloring are added. The mixture is then poured into moulds, covered for 24-48 hours, then removed from the moulds and left to cure for approximately 3-4 weeks.

As for the benefits of organic soap, they are countless. Organic soap is eco friendly, it is made with organic ingredients and organic essential oils. This means that at the very first stage, these ingredients were produced with organic farming methods. The soil is well managed and its fertility is enhanced with the use of organic manure and fertilizers. Inorganic fertilizers, synthetic chemical pesticides and herbicides have not been used.

Organic soap is good for your body and its production is kinder on the planet.