Organic Certification

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CAAE is the body that controls organic farming and certification in Andalucia.

Here is an extract from its mission statement:


“The CAAE Association is a non-profit organization working to develop certified organic farming, which means that it uses all of its revenue (whatever the origin) toward accomplishing its goals within a wide scope of activities.

As an entity which brings together the different actors of the sector, it promotes and disseminates the values associated with organic farming and develops guidelines to promote markets, widening the variety of organic references available for the consumers. This assures the quality of products designated as “Organic Agriculture” and contributes to the improvement of the competitiveness between businesses through innovation and technological development.

Environmental Protection and Rural Development are also included in its objectives. It ensures the prestige of organic agriculture and farming products on the market by pursuing their misuse. Furthermore, the association promotes organic products as well as the study of such products. It also edits publications and scientific material, both technical and informative.”


CAAE has strict controls in place to ensure that any member farmers or producers comply with the rules of organic farming. To become a member and use the CAAE stamp on produce the land must undergo up to a 3 year conversion from standard farming practice to ecological farming practice and then thereafter each year undergo at least one inspection by CAAE inspectors.

All the farmers that we represent not only comply with CAAE farming practice but go beyond. Our farmers farm ecologically because of their beliefs and stands on the environment and not in order to place their products in a niche and profitable market.

Check out the CAAE website for information on organic certification in Andalucia