Francisco Wines and Vinegars

  • Francisco Robles

  • harvest at Bodegas Robles

    Francisco has set up a great experiment at Bodegas Robles where his vines adopt patrons. He regularly takes pictures of each vine and sends them to the these patrons and also keeps everyone updated as to what is happening at the vinyard.
    Then at certain times of the year the patrons are invited into the vinyard to help with harvesting and of course to celebrate as only the spanish can.
    You can follow his updates on facebook:

  • Franscisco and me

    Bodegas Robles is less than an hour from where i live and so, whenever i am passing i take the opportunity to pop in and ask more questions. Francisco, however busy he is, always has the time and the enthusiasm to pass on his knowledge.

  • The Robles Bodega

    This picture does no justice to the atmosphere within the bodega. More than 2500 barrels, the sweet smell of wine and oak and a beautiful light. And, of course, a lot of tasting.

  • Vegetal cover between the vines

    The vegetal cover keeps the integrity of the soil and helps protect the vines against the heat and cold. It also provides a home to an abundant wildlife which helps in the control of disease.

  • Spring at Bodegas Robles

    Francisco is out every day, taking pictures of the vines and the different flower and animal species that are at home at Bodegas Robles. He is truly proud of the changes he has made within his familys vinyard and also the changes he helps others to make too.

Franciscos grandfather, Antonio José, founded Bodegas Robles in 1927 and his family has since produced wines archieving many prestigious awards and increasingly worldwide recognitizion.

The Robles familys commitment to the environment has always been an important factor in the way they produce their wines and their vineyards have long been close to organic, however, in 1999 they launched their first  range of certified organic wine, PIEDRA LUENGA. This is also the first and only certified organic wine of Andalusia submitted to a Denomination of Origin.

Francisco travels round the world sharing his visions for organic wine making and farming and however many questions i have he is always happy and eager to share his knowledge and expertise.